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Cold Shipper (Shipping Box)

Cold Shipper (Shipping Box)

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It's heating up 🔥 Protect your valuable CBD products from the scorching heat during transit this summer in this plant-based foam cooler, made of plant cellulose and 2 re-usable ice packs. Good for your CBD products and the environment!

⚠️ Which products REQUIRE cold shipping:

• Body Butters - Our body butters are whipped, so once they melt they completely lose their whipped consistency, which will permanently affect product volume and consistency inside the jar. The effectiveness of the product will not change. All body butters WILL melt if not shipped with cold-shipper. If a cold shipper is NOT purchased, we do not refund or replace melted body butters.

** ONLY 1 COLD SHIPPER PER ORDER IS REQUIRED. Cold Shipper does not include shipping cost, which is calculated based on total weight of package and shipping destination.

Which products we RECOMMEND cold shipping:

• Gummies - Our vegan gummies are made of fruit pectin, so they're more resilient to melting than gelatin-based gummies; but they still can melt in extreme temperatures.

• Balms - Our balms are made of beeswax or candelilla wax, so they're relatively temperature stable. However, our balms can get soft during transit. The products' effectiveness does not change.

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