Why MCT Oil?


This is Part 1 of our blog about our ultra high quality ingredients, part of what makes Sow Eden Organics a premium stand-out CBD brand that you can trust time and time again. Sow Eden actually cares about what our customers put in their bodies. We think you should care too! Health is wealth, so start investing in YOU!

Why do we use “carrier oils” in our tinctures?

We use carrier oils in our tinctures for several reasons, but before fully diving in, it is important to note that carrier oils are not additives or cutting agents in the sense that we are purposefully trying to cut or dilute our product to cheat you.

The first reason for using a carrier oil is that pure CBD oil is too viscous (thick) on its own, so it needs to be thinned so that it can be easily taken by the user. Squeezing a thick oil from a syringe or tube can be cumbersome and, more often than not, the user accidentally takes too much and essentially wastes product. CBD oil is expensive stuff, so every drop counts. The carrier oil allows for more accurate, easy, measured dosing.

The second reason for using a carrier oil is that various plant-based oils have specific properties that can help the body absorb the CBD more efficiently and effectively. We’ll get more into this below.

In addition to aiding in delivery and absorption, the carrier oils that we use possess their own special qualities and health benefits.

This blog post is going to focus on our MCT oil. So, let’s get to it.

Premium MCT Oil = More CBD Absorption

MCT stands for “Medium Chain Triglycerides.” MCTs are a type of fat (triglyceride) found in coconut oil, palm oil, and various other plant and animal sources. Another name for MCT oil is “fractionated coconut oil.” When coconut oil is fractionated, it means that the long-chain fatty acids and saturated fats are separated from the medium-chain fatty acids –– the MCTs.

Most of the fats we consume on a daily basis are long-chain fatty acids. Long-chain fatty acids are found in most fats and oils, including vegetable oils, fish, nuts and seeds, avocado, and meat. Whereas these long-chain fats first need to be digested by stomach bile and pancreatic enzymes in the stomach and small intestine, MCTs go straight from the gut to the liver, where they are next assimilated into ketones. What makes ketones awesome is their unique ability to cross the blood-brain barrier.

So why is this important?

Because the body has a natural tendency to excrete CBD through the digestive and urinary tracts, the efficient absorption of MCTs by the body means more CBD is delivered to the liver and into the blood and brain. In turn, this means you get what you pay for. In a future post, we’ll also tell you another reason why Sow Eden’s CBD products are more effective than our competitors. Hint: it has to do with our proprietary method of CBD infusion and homogenization of our products.


Other Health Benefits of MCT Oil

In addition to MCT oil being a superior carrier oil with a high level of absorption, it can also help:

  • Increase energy & boost endurance

  • Manage weight loss and diabetes

  • Protect your heart

  • Lower bad cholesterol

  • Increase cognitive function

  • Moisturize dry skin

Coconut-Derived MCT for the Win!

about the Earth, and so should you!

By the way, we are proud to use premium coconut-derived MCT oil. We steer clear of palm-derived MCT oil for several reasons. The most important reason for choosing coconut-derived MCT over palm MCT is because oil palm farms are highly destructive to the environment. Palm oil is the most common vegetable oil in the world, and consequently it is one of the world's leading deforestation drivers. Massive swaths of land in Malaysia and Indonesia are now being slashed and burned to convert tropical ecosystems into palm oil plantations. The impact from palm oil farms on the environment is devastating to say the least. At Sow Eden we do our best to reduce our carbon footprint. We care


In case you were wondering, we use MCT oil as the carrier in our Hemp Elixir 750 and our Pet Formula 750.

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