A Quick 'Pit' Stop: How CBD Solved My Armpit Problems

With the launch of our new BLOOM body butter just around the corner, I thought I would jump on here and talk about my favorite, and maybe unusual way, to use our body butters.

But first things first: Hi I’m Lindsey, and I have armpit issues.

It all started out fine in the beginning though. I remember finding myself in the Target deodorant aisle picking up some Dove fresh in the beloved *cucumber* scent. It smelled amazing and my pits were happy, until they weren’t, that is. Before I knew it, my pits didn’t smell so fresh anymore, and they certainly didn’t smell like cucumbers. Cucumbers in the trash, maybe? And that’s putting it lightly. One day the deodorant literally just stopped working. Waving my arms around, dancing, or anything that required my arms above my head were things of the past. It seemed that no matter how

much or how often I put it on, deodorant just didn’t work for me.


So there I found myself, back at Target, on a mission. This time in the men’s section. I felt, and smelled, like I needed something stronger; since clearly the Dove fresh wasn’t doing it for me anymore. At that point I wasn’t concerned at all about toxic ingredients, but rather what the deodorant brand could promise me on the front of the packaging. Marketing is everything, so they say. So I settled on men’s Degree 48 hour extra strength athletic deodorant.  Sounds pretty promising, right?  Especially in light of my “extreme athletic abilities,” this was the deodorant for me.  Or so I hoped.

Similar to the Dove, the mens 48 hour did its job, and it did it well.  If a fraternity guy’s Tinder profile was scratch and sniff, that’s what I smelled like.  But I didn’t care, because it was better than BO (*waves hands above head*).  I was finally feeling good about my “pit situation”.  Finally, something that worked, and made me feel confident again. 

It got to the point that every time I would go shopping I would stockpile this deodorant because I was confident this was my saving grace.  I had mounds of them at home and was just shy of building them a shrine, but then I woke up one morning while on vacation in New Orleans (in 110 degree heat) with a literal open gash in my right armpit, from you guessed it, my men’s sport deodorant.  I was in complete denial though, trust me. Jacob told me over and over, “it’s your deodorant!”  Like the stubborn gal I am, I kept using it.  I couldn’t possibly go deodorant free in the SOUTH … in the SUMMER!  So naturally, the burns got worse.  Like way worse. They were like total chemical burns in one of my most sensitive areas. I finally went to a dermatologist, where they confirmed the devastating news.  This gave me no choice. I deactivated the “Tinder scratch-and-sniff” and was back to square-one.

While I was at the doctor for my chemical burned armpits, she recommended getting Botox in order to treat overactive sweat glands and odor issues.  “SIGN ME UP!  TAKE MY MONEY!” So I scheduled the next available appointment and had that liquid gold pumped into my bratty pits. This was going to be my solution; I could feel it. 

I felt wrong.  She said it would take a week to kick in, but honestly, I never really noticed a difference.  I was still having the same issues and felt completely defeated.   

Now how does this have anything to do with body butter, right?  Well thank you for asking.  One morning post shower and completely at my wits end, I decided to give the body butter a try.  My armpits were beat up from all the trial and error and they needed some TLC.  I lathered them up and honestly, prepared for the worst.  I did the sniff test all day long…just me?  And nothing. No odor and my skin actually felt fantastic.  But okay, “it’s only been a day,” I thought to myself.  “Lets try it again.”  So I kept using it everyday and totally aced the sniff test.

Not only was the body butter acting as a deodorant, but it was making my armpits feel and look baby soft.  It’s been almost a solid year of using the butter as deodorant and even my dermatologist is in total shock. 

While we crafted and formulated the body butter to be used for your arms, legs, and hands, I can say it works wonders for my armpits. Here’s why: CBD is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, so it prevents the stink from ever starting.  It fights pesky pit bacteria before they get out of hand.  Pair that with the skin softening organic Shea nut butter and anti-bacterial coconut oil that we use as our base, and my skin has never been happier.  While my main concern in the beginning was finding anything that worked, it is now refreshing knowing I am avoiding the long list of chemicals that are in so many deodorants today.  Google the Degree men’s sport stick.  Horrifying.  Our ingredients are short and sweet.  I know exactly what I am putting onto my body, and I want to keep it that way.

I cant wait for you to try our rose body butter, the second product in our BLOOM COLLECTION.  She’s my new bff, and I hope she will be yours, too.


Happy sniffing xx


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