Sow Eden (pronounced Sō Eden) was founded by Jacob and Lindsey, two L.A. natives with a mission to make a difference in peoples’ lives. They both envision a world free of chronic pain and illness, and believe that plant-based compounds such as CBD play a vital role in one’s wellness and self-care routine.

Sow Eden is the synthesis of Jacob’s passion for the humanities, the natural world, and plant-based approaches to restore wellness and health, especially the health of his late grandfather, Edward, who had undergone a kidney transplant and suffered from renal failure in 2015. In order to help alleviate some of the side-effects of his grandfather’s anti-rejection medications, Jacob provided a natural remedy he had been hearing about from his longest childhood friend – It was CBD oil from the flowers of the female cannabis-sativa plant, hemp. As the word spread about CBD in the mainstream, more and more people began to seek out Jacob for their natural wellness. Thus, Sow Eden was born.

Our mission also includes ending the stigma associated with the cannabis plant and to bring awareness to the endo-cannabinoid system and cannabinoid science.


Sow Eden Organics produces premium organic hemp-derived CBD oils. Our focus is creating harmony and balance in the body through our products. We carefully and methodically combine science with natural healing to encourage sustainable wellness and overall better health. Our proprietary approach helps us produce the most effective CBD oils on the market.

We believe that pharmaceuticals interrupt our body’s natural rhythms and interconnected systems. This type of medicine ultimately changes the way the body functions, causing unwanted side-effects and secondary problems that need to be fixed by other synthetic drugs. We’re helping to end this vicious cycle by enforcing a consistent plant-based lifestyle, starting with our line of CBD products. Let us help you uncover a better you.  



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