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"Full Spectrum" CBD & Why You Should Be Skeptical

Lately we are receiving a lot of questions surrounding the term “full spectrum.” The purpose of this blog post is to discuss what “full spectrum” actually means, what it does not mean, and some of the problems associated with its use by companies selling THC-Free or CBD products with less than 0.3 percent THC oil online. We hope we can clear some things up. At Sow Eden we are about education and full transparency.

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Why MCT Oil?

This is Part 1 of our blog series about our premium ingredients, part of what makes Sow Eden Organics the best CBD brand out on the market.

This particular post talks about our premium coconut-derived MCT carrier oil. We explore why MCT is a superior carrier oil and its many health benefits. MCT boosts the bioavailability of our CBD for maximum therapeutic benefit. . .

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