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Why MCT Oil?

This is Part 1 of our blog series about our premium ingredients, part of what makes Sow Eden Organics the best CBD brand out on the market.

This particular post talks about our premium coconut-derived MCT carrier oil. We explore why MCT is a superior carrier oil and its many health benefits. MCT boosts the bioavailability of our CBD for maximum therapeutic benefit. . .

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Is hemp-derived CBD inferior to cannabis-derived CBD?

You might hear “hemp-derived CBD is inferior to cannabis-derived CBD” at your local dispensary, but in actuality hemp and cannabis are the same plant! What really differentiates industrial hemp from typical cannabis varietals is the low THC level and higher CBD levels, but it’s still cannabis. This post discusses hemp-derived CBD and the myths surrounding this hotly debated topic. When it comes down to it, hemp is cannabis. We’re not talking about your hemp bracelet or your hemp seed oil, ok? ;)

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