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Whole Plant CBD Oil Explained & Why It’s So Much Better
"Full Spectrum" CBD & Why You Should Be Skeptical

Lately we are receiving a lot of questions surrounding the term “full spectrum.” The purpose of this blog post is to discuss what “full spectrum” actually means, what it does not mean, and some of the problems associated with its use by companies selling THC-Free or CBD products with less than 0.3 percent THC oil online. We hope we can clear some things up. At Sow Eden we are about education and full transparency.

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Why Lecithin?

At Sow Eden, we are creating products that combine science with natural healing. While many of our competitors simply infuse CBD oil or CBD isolate into a carrier oil and then sell it to you, we take a more scientific approach in order to create the most effective CBD products out on the market. Using our proprietary suspension technology, we carefully and methodically infuse the highest quality hemp-derived CBD extract into our full line of products.

This post discusses why we use Lecithin in our formulation process and why it makes our products better than the competition.

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